Loft Living- Benefits of living in a loft!

Benefits of living in a loft!

Living in a loft apartment in a big city like New York sounds trendy and chic, but loft apartments anywhere can look and feel just as unique and fun. More and more people are looking for lofts to sometimes save money, or to even showcase their creative flair.

Depending on what building the loft is located in, one can have a very laid back place, a sophisticated studio or even an artistic showpiece. There is something about a loft that has a stylish feel that is suitable for both men and women.

There are many fantastic benefits to living in a loft. The first one that comes to mind is space and more space!

A loft is an area right under the roof of a building or warehouse. That top level generally has extremely open floor plans with few or even no walls. One can usually expect vaulted ceilings anywhere from ten to fifteen feet, and some even higher. Generally, there are many windows, some that have been listed are six feet tall, which creates amazing natural lighting and warmth. There’s certainly a cozy “feel” to a place so different yet so comfortable. It’s up to the tenant to either let the sun shine in or have draperies available for privacy.

Many industrial lofts have that gritty appeal with exposed bricks and large piping decorating the upper most areas of the space, zigzagging throughout the apartment. A huge perk is that some lofts have exceptionally gorgeous hardwood flooring already in place.

It’s a perfect setting for a celebration with friends. Or, depending on taste and décor, it can be an elegant space for dinner parties and an avenue to promote artwork and design.

The loft has so much potential for the interior designer in all of us. The walls are like a blank canvass ready for artwork, photos or even graffiti.

The floor plan can be completely open and flowing from area to area, or sectioned off into specific living spaces like the kitchen and living area separating the sleeping and office areas.

The key to loft living is finding the right balance for each individual. If alone or with a roommate the privacy issues are rarely an issue, but something to consider.

Some people love the open space and others feel overwhelmed. Whatever your taste, loft living is certainly unusual and full of surprises.

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